The Town of Minturn; Vintage Mountain Real Estate

River 2Minturn -The historic town of Minturn is much more than just a “stop out of the way” between Vail and Avon. Located on Highway 24, along the banks of the Eagle River, Minturn has retained its eclectic personality: in turn bustling and quiet, friendly and glorious. The town was created in 1887 with the arrival of the Rio Grande Rail Road tracks and incorporated in 1904. Minturn received it’s name from a railroad executive, Charles Minturn. Ironically, Mr. Minturn never saw the town which he named after himself. Before the tracks of the Rio Grande were laid, Minturn was a stop for mountain men and fur trappers during the 1830’s. Explorer Charles Fremont even visited the tiny town in 1845 while traveling to Mexico.

After gold was discovered in Colorado, fortune hunters rallied to small towns in search of fortune. In the 1880s and early 1990s Minturn was strictly a railroad town, providing a much needed link to the west enabling miners and prospectors to transport their loads of gold, silver, lead and ore.

Although the turntable and roundhouse are all but a memory, the Turntable restaurant salutes the days when the train made the town, with a miniature train set that runs on a track above the restaurant’s booths.

While the glory days of mining did not last, this small town managed to survive by adapting itself to the times. A trip to the Vail Valley is not complete without a stop or two in Minturn. Small shops and galleries line Main Street, offering shoppers everything from boots to antiques. Some of the valley’s most enjoyable and lively restaurants can also be found along Main Street.

During the summer the waters of Minturn come to life with kayak races and competitions and during the fall evenings, the sweet sound of music and people fill the air during the Minturn Farmers Market in the summer. Even the animals enjoy this natural setting – during the winter, herds of Elk can be seen grazing on Minturn’s hillside. The town’s flavor and personality will appeal to the young and especially to the young at heart.

If you are looking for a old west Colorado town to purchase property in, Minturn is the ticket in the Vail Valley.  Although most homes were built as far back as the 1800’s, most properties have been restored and updated.  There area also several recently constructed properties in Minturn that still provide that turn of the century feel and look.

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